On November 8, 2016, Los Gatos residents will be electing two council members. There are currently three individuals running for these two positions, and I am asking you to support my candidacy.

I have made the decision to run for re-election so that I could use my experience as mayor, council member and planning commissioner to address the significant issues facing our community. Los Gatos leaders must consider many matters involving the future development of the North 40, the largest project in town history. We must examine the effects of state directives relating to density bonuses, regional housing requirements and “by right development.” We must analyze the impact of beach traffic, regional traffic, commuter and school traffic. We must manage all of these issues while balancing our budget, maintaining town services, and meeting our obligations for unfunded pension liabilities.

As your representative, every decision I make will be guided by my experience, common sense and love for this town.


With appreciation,